Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I'm so fuckin' tired of TV commercials. The next time you think a dollar isn't worth much, just watch a damn commercial. All those bastards want you to plunk down your money, and they try to entice you with fancy commercials. It's all bullshit. MacDonald's has gotten rich by selling us one dollar burgers that cost 20 cents to make. A dollar here- a dollar there- pretty soon they're worth over a billion dollars. The shit adds up.

Deal Or No Deal is the worst. I swear, I think there's more commercials than there actually is television show. I get tired of the commercials even when I Tivo through them- that's how many there are. I get it, people- you make the best truck/drink/hair replacement produce/diet plan/alcoholic beverage/online dating site in the world, and it'll only take me a few bucks to get in on the action. All of you suck.

It's kinda sad that Coke pretty much knows that if it pulls all of its advertising, people would slowly stop buying their product. Because we're not drinking Coke, we're drinking soda water that a billion dollar company has driven into our heads. It's not even a choice anymore- it's a Pavlovian response.

I'm tired, so this isn't fancy or clean, but suffice it to say that commercials can suck my ass. If I want to buy your product, I will- but you don't have to shove it down my throat fifteen times an hour. I don't care if you do have a fully fuckin' boxed frame, Ford. You can still kiss my ass.


Anonymous said...

sounds like poetry to me :)

Bert said...

Amen brother.
I hate car commercials. They blow goats. No car commercial (or any commercial really) ever made me want to buy a car. I'm so glad that Ford took down that "I get what I want..I get what I need" ad because I almost dropkicked my TV everytime it aired.

One commercial worked on me once. It was a hamburger for Ruby Tuesdays. The commercial came on, I went to Ruby's...SURPRISE!!! They didn't have the burger. They "ran out."

I DDTed the waitress and lef.