Saturday, April 21, 2007

Virginia Tech

A couple of thoughts about the whole tragedy:

1. NBC News is a piece of shit for airing segments and letters from the package Cho sent them. That's what he wanted, you douchebags. Now every whackjob is gonna know he'll die in infamy if he finally decides to mow down some people. He just needs to fire up the old video camera first. They merely pay lip service to the victims, because it's the actual death that makes the news, not the lives that were lost.

For example, look at the Amish school shooting. The Amish simply forgave the shooter, and then moved on. They didn't plaster his picture everywhere. We Americans can be pretty sick fucks sometimes- we get off on our supposed revulsion to violence by talking about how much we hate it until we're blue in the face.

2. Everybody is bitching about gun control. Gun control is not the solution- creating a society where people tend to not go crazy is. He could have just as easily used a bomb or poison gas or laced the campus cafeteria's food supply.

But since I'm pretty sure we're just going to stay fucked up, here's an idea. Let's allow people over the age of 21 who pass a battery of psychological and background tests to apply for a civilian police position- basically full-time off-duty cops who get to carry a weapon. I sure as hell don't want to wait ten minutes for the cops to show up while some nutcase is spraying students and walls with lead. How many lives could have been saved if someone in the building had been carrying a firearm, been trained in its use, and had a suitably working moral compass?

Gun control doesn't work for another reason- the people who aren't supposed to have them don't care too much about the laws. So decent Americans are left without protection, and the fuckups get to run willy-nilly with the guns they buy from drug sales and smuggling rings.

3. My thoughts are with those who passed away on that campus- I hope you find some kind of peace somewhere.


The Expatriate said...

Good points. Another media fuck up was when they were shoving their damn microphones down the survivors throats just to get any kind of comment. Jesus Christ. Knock that stupid shit off, let these people hug their momma or call a friend or just sit down for a second without having a camera up their ass.

Big B said...

Yeah, I agree. I also hated that they kept asking the school officials "why didn't you close down the school? "

wtf? I mean, after the first shooting, they could have gotten the word out better and had better warnings but it's not like they can throw a switch and have bars come down in every dormroom and every entrance to every building and every street going in and out of camps. Geez.

I really wish, though, someone would've gotten the drop on ole Cho. I personally would have Stone Cold Stunned him so he couldn't get up for at least ten minutes. That would have given everyone time to get out.